US lounge market shows signs of recovery

According to Airport Dimensions, customer satisfaction has increased due to the implementation of contactless technology and strict hygiene measures

Airport Dimensions – a subsidiary of Collinson – released data that shows the lounge market is heading in the direction of recovery, as the last few weeks have been the busiest the company has seen since the beginning of the pandemic. 

From the end of February this year, the firm witnessed a steady upsurge in visitors with US lounges advancing the most in popularity.

The ‘Sleep ‘n Fly’ establishments located in Middle Eastern hubs, such as Dubai International, have been performing strongly.

Airport Dimensions
Photo Airport Dimensions 

In addition, the Club lounges at Dallas Fort Worth and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky have also experienced an increase in visitors, with both seeing more than two thirds of pre-pandemic 2019 customer rates.

Nancy Knipp, president (Americas), Airport Dimensions, said: “We’re seeing significant growth across our US division, which fills us with optimism that confidence among travellers, and the travel industry itself, is beginning to return. We’re very grateful to our loyal customers, who can find a safe haven in our lounges away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, and the key priority for us is to continue to provide a range of innovative solutions that make our guests feel safe and comfortable during their travels.”

According to the organisation, the rise in popularity means that confidence amongst travellers is gradually returning. Stringent hygiene and safety measures have been implemented throughout the facilities since the health crisis began, which the company have said has improved customer satisfaction.

Contactless technologies have been introduced across different locations, including the launch of the ‘Ready 2 Order’ app, initiated by Collinson, which allows passengers to purchase food and drink on their devices.