US museum acquires Link Trainer

Based in North Hudson, Michigan, the Warbirds Of Glory Museum is hoping to restore a wartime Link Trainer

The attraction, known for its encouragement of young people into the restoration business, is already in the process of rebuilding B-25J Mitchell 44-30733, often referred to as the ‘Sandbar Mitchell’ due to the airframe having spent many years marooned on a spit of sand in an Alaskan river.

The museum’s founders, Patrick Mihalek and Todd Trainor were recently presented with an opportunity by Patrick Epps, founder of Epps Aviation (which was involved in the remarkable recovery of P-38 Glacier Girl). Epps has donated his company’s Link Trainer, complete with table and ‘plotter’, to the North Hudson organisation – which is now raising funds to complete a full restoration.

Pat Mihalek said: “We are very grateful to Mr Epps for this donation. This Link Trainer will replace the one we once had, but unfortunately had to sell to pay for upcoming bills. Our students are excited to start working on it, and can’t wait to drive to Atlanta to pick it up.”

The Warbirds of Glory Museum now needs to raise $1,000 (£825) to help offset the costs of transportation, fuel, and lodging for the Link Trainer retrieval trip from Michigan to Atlanta and back. To support this them, donations are welcome HERE.

Some of the young team employed by Warbirds Of Glory Museum
Some of the young team employed by Warbirds Of Glory Museum WOGM