USAF Reapers arrive in Estonia

In co-operation with the Estonian government, the USAF has deployed MQ-9A Reaper unmanned combat air vehicles (UCAV), personnel and support equipment to Amari air base, Estonia.

MQ-9A Reaper [USAF/A1C William Rio Rosado] #1
A USAF MQ-9A Reaper in flight over the Nevada Test and Training Range in July 2019. USAF/A1C William Rio Rosado

The UCAVs belong to the 52nd Expeditionary Operations Group’s Detachment 2, which has been operating from Miroslawiec air base, Poland, since May 2018. The aircraft, personnel and associated support equipment have deployed to Estonia temporarily as runway work takes place at the Polish base.

According to the USAF, while the aircraft are in Estonia, “the aircraft will support air, land and maritime domain awareness by leveraging the MQ-9s inherent multi-role capabilities and support [remotely piloted aircraft (RPA)] agile combat employment concepts.”

Having operated out of Poland since 2018, the USAF aims to continue “to promote stability and security within the region and strengthen relationships with NATO allies and other European partners.”