Veterans reunited at Biggin Hill

A gathering of veterans from across the services commemorated the Battle of Britain at a famous fighter station recently

Delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, a gathering of wartime veterans from the RAF, Navy and Army came to commemorate the Battle of Britain on Wednesday September 28 at possibly the most famous airfield of that period, RAF Biggin Hill.

With the station motto of ‘The Strongest Link’, it was one of several wartime airfields built for the purpose of protecting London and as such received the attention on more occasions than most from the German Luftwaffe which was intent on destroying the airfield completely. Returning to relive their memories in the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar were 20 veterans who came along to meet the media and enjoy a lunch before going out to the hardstanding and watching several of the Spitfires from Fly a taking to the air. There was also the opportunity for several of them to climb aboard the Airvan chase plane and watch a Spitfire close up as it flew alongside. With ages ranging from 97 to 102, among those present were Flt Lt George Dunn DFC who flew Halifax bombers on raids such as Peenemunde and Wg Cdr John Bell DFC who dropped Tallboy bombs on the Tirpitz battleship with No. 617 Dambusters Squadron.

Spokesperson for the hangar Robin Brooks said that it was ‘a privilege and an honour to host the men and women who had fought for our freedom. We must never forget the sacrifice and sorrow that enables us to live free in the world today’. Biggin Hill hopes to hold a Veterans Day every six months.

A group of veterans were recently reunited at historic Biggin Hill
A group of veterans were recently reunited at historic Biggin Hill ROBIN J BROOKS