VFR Real Scenery NexGen 3D – Vol. 4: Scotland Out Now

VFR Real Scenery NexGen 3D – Vol. 4: Scotland

Just Flight has released VFR Real Scenery NexGen 3D – Vol. 4: Scotland for FSX and all versions of Prepar3D.

The latest addition of the next generation VFR Real Scenery covers Scotland using the latest 25cm and 50cm aerial images at a 1.2m ‘in sim’ resolution, rising to 60cm around airports.

In addition to new imagery, the scenery now uses Just Flight’s new GenMart system to add a huge array of autogen objects. As well as trees, houses and industrial buildings, the object library contains features such as wind turbines, lighthouses and churches, all placed where their real-world counterparts are located.

Other highlights include multiple simulator support from a single installation, ultra-high 5m elevation mesh, optional custom night textures, water areas which are all fully landable and compatibility with third party airport sceneries. A Scenery Manager gives you full control over the scenery options and updates are automatically installed.


  • Multiple simulator support - the scenery can be active in all your supported simulators at the same time using a single installation
  • 25cm/50cm aerial photos from 2015 onwards used as source imagery
  • Scenery Manager utility enables you to set options and activate/deactivate the scenery in individual simulators
  • Performance boost - photo textures and individually placed autogen objects are more efficient than the generic tile-based system used in default scenery
  • 1.2m/pixel general texture resolution. The texture resolution around airports and specific points of interest is 60cm/pixel.
  • 5m (ultra-high) elevation mesh resolution
  • Comprehensive 3D autogen coverage of buildings and vegetation, accurately placed from real-world data
  • Additional custom scenery objects
  • Adjusted default landmarks
  • Optional custom night textures
  • All water areas are fully landable in appropriate aircraft
  • Default airports or runways have been adjusted as necessary
  • Automatic updating as new or expanded data becomes available
  • Compatible with third party airport sceneries.
VFR Real Scenery Volume 4 - Scotland


This NexGen 3D volume is also available in the money-saving four-volume England, Wales and Scotland collection for a special offer price £83.99 - usual price: £99.96.