Victoria Police AW139s

An artist’s impression of an AW139 in the colours of the Victoria Police Air Wing. The organisation will receive three such cabs.
Leonardo Helicopters

LEONARDO HELICOPTER announced at the Avalon Airshow on February 26, 2019, that StarFlight Victoria has placed a firm order for three AW139 helicopters, to be operated by the Victoria Police Air Wing.

The helicopters will be built by Leonardo in Italy and delivered in late 2019 with entry into service to follow in 2020, following the installation of mission equipment.

In service with the Air Wing, the AW139s will be equipped with an advanced mission console, camera, a wire cutter system and a rescue hoist.

The selection of the AW139 was previously announced by the Victoria Police Air Wing on October 23, 2018, covering the lease of the three helicopters from StarFlight Victoria, together with a Beechcraft King Air 350ER from Skytraders, as part of its fleet modernisation strategy.