Vintage Aircraft Club scholarship winner announced

Latest recipient of taildragger training award revealed

For 2022, the Vintage Aircraft Club has awarded its annual Liz Inwood Taildragger Scholarship to Toby Hudson, aged 25. Having been selected from this year’s candidates by the award judges, he was presented with the award at the Light Aircraft Association’s Grass Roots Fly-in at Popham on 3 September. This is the seventh year the annual scholarship worth £750 has been given to go towards the training of a pilot, under 35 years old, to transition from flying a nosewheel aircraft to tailwheel heritage types.

Toby says, “I’m extremely excited and honoured to have been awarded the Liz Inwood Taildragger Scholarship for this year. It has always been a lifelong dream to learn to fly vintage taildraggers. I can remember back to when I was a young boy, visiting airfields and museums with my grandad and looking at all the vintage aircraft, military and civilian, wishing one day I might be able to climb into one and take it flying. Presently, being based at Turweston Flying Club and seeing all the different taildraggers that visit daily, it’s always remained a burning desire to want to get my tailwheel differences training, gaining these skills as a pilot and being able to join the tailwheel community. Not only this, but now being a flight instructor, I would be delighted to be able to put the scholarship to more than just personal use, continuing Liz Inwood’s incredible legacy. This will allow me to teach others to learn to fly and enjoy the experience of vintage tailwheel aircraft with thanks to this incredible scholarship and the Vintage Aircraft Club.”

Toby Hudson, winner of this year's Liz Inwood Taildragger Scholarship.
Toby Hudson, winner of this year's Liz Inwood Taildragger Scholarship. VIA ANNE HUGHES