Vintage airshow coming to Compton Abbas

Aero Legends are teaming up with the Wiltshire airfield to stage The Golden Age Of Aviation Airshow this August

The event takes place at Compton Abbas airfield near Salisbury on August 10 and 11. The newly announced airshow promises to bring together vintage aircraft, aerobatic displays and re-enactors, along with numerous traders and a funfair. 

The airfield is now owned by film director Guy Ritchie who acquired it in October 2022 and said he wanted to make it “a more complete experience”. With well known warbird and historic aircraft operator Aero Legends on board, the show promises “thrilling aerial displays, vintage aircraft, and a celebration of aviation history”. Aero Legends’ Ben Perkins said: “This event is not just a showcase of our passion for aviation but a tribute to the pioneers who shaped the course of flight history.”

Guy Ritchie has also expressed a passion for historic aviation, and has been quoted as saying that he wants “to take aviation more seriously, particularly in terms of the heritage aspect”.

Tickets are available in advance only from the website – they cannot be purchased on the day. Show participants will be released through the news section of the same website and a full flying programme will be updated periodically. 

A new historic-themed airshow is coming to Compton Abbas
A new historic-themed airshow is coming to Compton Abbas Golden Age Of Aviation Airshow