VIP cabs

The Russian Ministry of Defence has ordered a batch of Mi-8AMTSh and Mi-8AMTSh-V helicopters in a VIP configuration, to be built at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. The contract calls for delivery of the first two enhanced-performance Mi-8AMTSh-Vs in 2018 while the rest, all of which are the ordinary Mi-8AMTSh version, will follow suit in 2019. Both versions will be outfitted for VIP transport in high-threat environments and will be used by Russian military high command authorities. In addition to the main VIP transport role, the newly-ordered helicopters will also be outfitted for use in SAR and MEDEVAC operations on an asneeded basis.

The VIP configuration will feature luxury cabins and electro-optical sensors for better crew situational awareness during night-flying and SAR operations. Other systems fitted will include night-vision goggles, extensive ceramic/metal armour protection for the cockpit, critical systems and passenger cabin, a satellite communications terminal and the Vitebsk-8 integrated selfprotection suite for protection against heat-seeking man-portable air defence systems. Alexander Mladenov