Tigercat for X-Plane out now

Aircraft developer, Virtavia has released the Grumman F7F Tigercat for X-Plane 11 and 12.

Animations include folding wings.
Animations include folding wings. Virtavia

The Tigercat was developed as the result of the US Navy's request for a twin-engine fighter able to operate from large aircraft carriers. Taking flight in June 1941, it was the first twin-engine fighter to incorporate a tricycle undercarriage. It was built in single and two-seat variants and was used for ground support, a night fighter and photo reconnaissance roles after World War Two and in Korea.

The aircraft sports authentic flight dynamics.
The aircraft sport authentic flight dynamics. Virtavia

The package from Virtavia features PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials throughout, high-definition textures and an FMOD sounds package for the engine and cockpit. Five variants with different flight dynamics are included: clean with no external stores, a ferry variant with drop tanks for extended range, a fighter with a drop tank and a rockets variant with a drop tank and eight underwing unguided rockets.

The cockpit is modelled with high-definition textures.
The cockpit is modelled with high-definition textures. Virtavia

Other highlights include various animations such as folding wings, cowl flaps, tail hook and oil cooler exit doors on the wings. It also comes with retractable crew steps, a togglable pilot figure, canopy rain/ice effects (X-Plane 12) and fireable ordinance. Documentation includes a 25-page illustrated user operating manual and checklists. It has full virtual-reality support with cockpit manipulators.

The package comes with five variants of the Tigercat.
The package comes with five variants of the Tigercat. Virtavia

The F7F Tigercat is available on x-plane.org for $29.95.