Visualising and analysing

A major part of the UAV industry is the systems provided by developers for customers to gather quality data when using their unmanned aircraft.

DJI, a major supplier of commercial UAVs, recently launched a new product, DJI Terra, designed to help operators capture, visualise and analyse data.

Terra provides 3-D modelling and mapping software and what DJI calls an “all-in one” method of efficiently gathering and analysing data. The company says the system helps operators plan automated flights and the type of map or 3-D model they’d like to create. The system can draw a custom polygonal flight zone on a map and automatically generate efficient flightpaths based on the area selected.

Operators can create custom flight paths through an area or around objects using waypoints and adjustable parameters like altitude, speed, heading, gimbal pitch and angle. They can also design and simulate missions on existing 3-D models, and automatically fly the same route multiple times. Each flight automatically adjusts the angle of the camera to capture new details.

Terra generates 2-D orthomosaic maps and 3-D model reconstructions in real time as the UAV flies, which DJI says could be used in applications such as reconstructing vehicle crashes, tracking progress on construction projects or conducting large-scale infrastructure inspections. The system includes analysis tools, with linear distance, surface area and volumetric estimations among the measurements available.

DJI unmanned systems are used in numerous applications including public safety, construction, infrastructure, agriculture and film production.