Vitoria-Foronda for X-Plane Released

Aerosoft has announced Airport Vitoria-Foronda XP for X-Plane 11 is now available.

Vitoria (LEVT) in Spain is served by Ryanair as well as being a cargo hub for Swiftair, DHL and ASL Belgium. Aerosoft has recreated the airport with PBR (Physically Based Rendering) effects and high-resolution buildings with baked in ambient occlusion and X-Plane’s default ground services.

Other details consist of 3D vegetation inside the airport perimeter and for the surrounding area. Custom weather effects include rain and dynamic snow when the temperature is below 0⁰C.

The surrounding area is modelled 750km2 with ortho-imagery with accurate autogen for the villages of Estarrona, Gereña, and Antezana de Foronda.

Airport Vitoria-Foronda XP is available on the Aerosoft online shop for €22.13 (approx. £18.50/$24.50).