The Vulcan and the V-Force

Vulcan to the Sky Trust’s Chief Engineer, Taff Stone, talks about XH558 and its role in Britain’s Cold War-era nuclear deterrent

Along with the Vickers Valiant and Handley Page Victor, the Avro Vulcan formed what was known as the V-Force, Britain’s trio of Cold War-era aircraft that were equipped to carry nuclear weapons. Taff Stone, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust’s Chief Engineer and a man who has spent years working on XH558, explains more in the video above…

Vulcan and V Force
An Avro Vulcan B1A (XA904), leads a Vickers Valiant (XD869) and a Handley Page Victor B1 (XA931) at altitude on 13 January 1958. The white 'anti-flash' colours are typical of the early days of V-bomber operations

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