Vulcan XH558: What is Operation Safeguard?

How a fundraising campaign for one of Britain’s most cherished aeroplanes is aiming to inspire the next generation of engineers


For an aircraft with such an illustrious past, it’s a shame that the immediate future of XH558 remains unclear. But Operation Safeguard is here to change that.
With XH558 currently situated in a corner of Doncaster Sheffield Airport, the immediate aim of Operation Safeguard is to find a new, covered home for the aeroplane, which can act as a centre to show her off to the public as an aviation attraction. But as part of that, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust will not only tell the story of XH558 and her restoration, but use the innovative engineering thinking that led to the creation of the Vulcan as a springboard for the Green Technology Hub, a centre that will help to inspire the engineers of the future.
Operation Safeguard needs public support, so if you’d like to donate and help to secure the legacy of this incredible aircraft, visit here:

To find out more about the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, visit

Vulcan to the Sky Trust