Why Lufthansa is reactivating five A340-600s

The pandemic has been tough on the type as airlines ditched it in favour of more fuel-efficient twinjets. But Lufthansa has decided to resurrect the quadjet and here’s why… 

German flag carrier Lufthansa has revealed plans to bring five of its Airbus A340-600s back online next year.

The quadjets – which were removed from service at the beginning of the pandemic – will be reactivated to serve the increasing demand for first-class travel from Munich Airport.

Prior to the pandemic, Lufthansa boasted a fleet of 17 A340-600s. Aviation Image Network/Bailey

Configured in a four-class layout, the widebodies are expected to fly primarily to North American and Asian destinations from next summer.

In late summer 2023, the first A350-900, offering first-class, will join the fleet and take off from Munich, bolstering the premium offering at Lufthansa’s five-star hub.

Lufthansa plans to operate the quadjets to North American and Asian cities. Aviation Image Network/Bailey

Before the pandemic began, the flag carrier’s A340-600 fleet comprised 17 aircraft, 12 of which are in the process of being sold. A further five are currently not for sale and will be temporarily reactivated and sold at a later date.

The Cologne-based operator continues to invest in the modernisation of its fleet. In May, the airline group purchased ten additional long-haul aircraft including five Boeing 787-900s and five A350-900s.