Wickenby Airfield for MSFS out now

Nestled on the edge of Lincolnshire’s fens, Wickenby Airfield traces its origins to World War Two, where it served as a base for RAF Bomber Command. Today, the airport is a hub for general aviation, flying clubs and vintage aircraft enthusiasts. It also hosts various fly-in events, airshows and flight experiences.

The airport for MSFS is based on a May 2023 layout.
The airport for MSFS is based on a May 2023 layout. Burning Blue Design

The package for Microsoft Flight Simulator, by Burning Blue Design, is a faithful rendition of the actual airfield following on-site visits. It is based on 2023 data and includes over 90 custom 3D objects with Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures.

Other highlights include high-resolution colour-corrected ground textures taken from Bing maps, custom night lighting and various animations such as hangar doors and main gate, which close at night, windsocks, spectators and a working signal square.

Static aircraft include real-life aircraft seen at Wickenby: Boeing Stearman PT-17, Tiger Moth, Airco DH.2 Replica, Hawker Hunter and an Armstrong Whitworth SeaSlug surface-to-air missile.

Animations include windsocks and hangar doors.
Animations include windsocks and hangar doors. Burning Blue Design

The enhanced local surroundings include: RAF dispersal and Nissen huts, squadrons memorial and businesses on the old RAF Wickenby site: Agrii, H.W. Coates, Rase Distribution, Aero Massage Therapy and Designed for Dogs.

The package is available on OrbxDirect for AUD$27.95 (approx £14.71).