Win! Classic Heathrow Propliners Book

Four copies of this tribute to the London Heathrow of yesteryear – worth £25 each – are up for grabs in this competition, exclusive to Aviation News

Classic Heathrow Propliners Book

Tom Singfield’s Classic Gatwick series has been incredibly popular with enthusiasts old enough to remember the West Sussex hub crawling with propliners and early jets, as well as those who clamour for a time before their years when LGW was a veritable smorgasbord of airliners and airlines they could only wish to see.

With two very well received books under his belt, Singfield has headed way out west for his next installment, which focuses on the Heathrow of yesteryear. The West London hub has  spent 75 years as the UK’s busiest international airport and this most recent offering concentrates primarily on the gateway’s first three decades – a time before the jet engine reigned supreme when the majority of its passengers and cargo departed under piston-power. Classic Heathrow Propliners includes more than 200 colour images and celebrates the huge variety of visiting propliners that were photographed by dedicated aviation enthusiasts who spent countless hours at Heathrow during commercial travel’s golden age and an era
when non-travelling visitors were still made welcome by airport authorities.