Our friends at are offering FlyPast readers the chance to win a 1-hour experience in their Spitfire simulator. operate the world’s only Spitfire MK IX Simulator that can be used for training new Spitfire pilots as well as giving fantastic wartime combat experiences to non-pilots. The simulator has three key components that make it so unique and special. It’s not the closest thing to flying a real Spitfire, it is flying a real Spitfire! The fuselage of the simulator is built from roughly 50% wartime parts meaning the airframe has actually, in part, fought in defence of our freedom. The fuselage is mounted with a fibreglass dome of 1.5m radius that covers 220 degrees horizontally meaning when you look forward and up all you can see is the projected world.

The final components that will fool you into believing that you are actually flying a Spitfire are the motion and force feedback systems - the combination of the two works together beautifully to add that final and essential element of realism necessary to make you believe completely that you are actually flying the Spitfire! This 60-minute experience prize includes 50 minutes of airborne action and is valid for one person with one guest permitted to attend. 

Please note: Restrictions apply. Travel and accommodation are not included in the prize and the winner must be able to attend the Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex.