World’s first 100% electric refueller to be inaugurated at Le Bourget Airport

The TITAN-eRR20, manufactured by Titan Aviation, will help reduce CO2 emissions, supporting the environmental recovery of the sector

The world’s first 100% electric refueller – the TITAN-eRR20 – will be commissioned at Le Bourget Airport and is set to be operated by energy company, TOTAL.

French firm, Titan Aviation designed and manufactured the refueller which is a significant step for the decarbonisation of airport operations.

The company believe the electrification of these facilities is an essential move to reduce CO2 emissions at airports and will further support the sector with its drive for a greener recovery.

Le Bourget Airport
Photo Flicker/Revedavion

Designed on a PVI electric chassis – a subsidiary of the Renault Group – the TITAN-eRR20 has been specifically designed for refuelling operations by the aviation company. Its electric system can deliver over 100,000 litres of kerosene or biofuel in one single charge.

Another benefit of the new design is that the battery can charge to full capacity in just five hours.

Equipped with a EZ Control digital refuelling interface, the electric solution is able to guide the user through the job in a step-by-step motion, facilitate maintenance and optimise operational safety.

Laurent Pourprix, managing director of Titan Aviation, said: “It is our role, as a French manufacturer in the aeronautical sector, to actively participate in the reduction of CO2 emissions in airports and to offer our customers concrete solutions. Innovation has always been part of our DNA, the electrification of our solutions was a logical next step, and we are not going to stop there.”

The next phase that the French firm is currently working on is a hybridisation kit for the diesel versions that are in operation. The company hope to convert these to electric systems, therefore eliminating the need for diesel engines.

Further plans include the commissioning of a 100% electric hydrant dispenser, the TITAN-eHD150, which will be implemented at Amsterdam/Schiphol this summer. Hydrogen refuellers are also being considered for use in the future.