World’s First Hybrid Electric 70-Seater Airliner Unveiled

Bristol-based engineering and development firm Electric Aviation Group (EAG) has unveiled the world’s first hybrid electric regional aircraft capable of carrying 70 passengers.

The design, which was revealed to coincide with the opening of FIA Connect, the virtual Farnborough Airshow, is expected to deliver a technical commercial entry point for sustainable mass air transport.

The company is promoting its design as an alternative to other programmes which are focusing on smaller 19-seat designs.

Kamran Iqbal, founder and CEO at EAG, said: “Significant investments have been raised to develop sub-19 seat hybrid and all-electric aircraft which we believe is the wrong strategy. These small planes cannot meet the demands of mass air transportation or the requirements of decarbonisation.”

The aircraft is the world's first hybrid electric example capable of carrying more than 70 passengers. EAG

The firm – which has also developed and filed 25 patents covering a wide range of technologies – expects to create more than 25,000 jobs and unlock $5bn investments in the UK aerospace industry.

“Our design is for an aircraft that will initially offer 800 nautical miles range at launch in 2028, and which will be able to carry over 70 people. We will be a first mover in what is a $4.4 trillion market,” Iqbal added.

The 70-seater will be equipped with a landing gear assisted take-off system which will provide acceleration for a quick lift off reducing the energy requirements.

The company plans for its first aircraft to be in service by 2028.