Announcing SkyMaxx Pro Version 5

X-Aviation has revealed SkyMaxx Pro v5 for X-Plane 11 is due to be released imminently.

SkyMaxx (7).jpg

SkyMaxx Pro v5 introduces GPU ray-casted clouds with complex and realistic lighting effects as well as the ability to draw volumetric cloud formations to the horizon.

Other highlights include true 3D voxel-based clouds with physical cloud growth and new volumetric clouds. The computational load is split between the GPU and CPU, resulting in optimised frame rates.

The per-fragment lighting, including full Henyey-Greenstein phase effects, results in stunning visual details both outside of the clouds and within, especially at dawn and dusk.

Along with SkyMaxx Pro v5, an updated version of Real Weather Connector will also be introduced. This will be free of charge to existing Real Weather Connector users.

SkyMaxx Pro v5 will be a paid upgrade for all current SkyMaxx Pro v4 owners. Those who qualify will receive a 50% off ($19.95 instead of $39.95) upgrade discount, which will be valid for 60 days from the time SkyMaxx Pro v5 goes on sale. After this, the product will go to the full price for all customers.

SkyMaxx Pro v5 is due to be released on Friday, January 22, 2021. Both Vulkan & Open GL will be supported. There will not be a separate cost for these products. Mac users will be able to run SkyMaxx Pro v5 in OpenGL. There is no viable option to bring custom cloud rendering in Metal.