Yorkshire Victor to fire up engines

On Saturday November 25, the Yorkshire Air Museum’s Handley Page Victor will run its engines to celebrate three decades at the Elvington attraction

To mark 30 years since its arrival at the Yorkshire Air Museum, a former RAF nuclear bomber turned airborne refuelling station will be firing up its engines in ‘anger’.

The Handley Page Victor, named ‘Lusty Linda’, flew into the museum on November 25, 1993 at 2.12pm.

At that exact time this Saturday (November 25), the aircraft, which saw action as a tanker in the Falklands conflict, will carry out an engine run for the public. There will also be a display of memorabilia relating to the Victor.

The futuristic-looking jet, which was designed as a nuclear bomber in the 1950s, is a firm favourite among visitors to the Yorkshire Air Museum, one of the largest independent aviation museums in the UK. Victors were intended to be part of the UK’s nuclear deterrent but were repurposed as tankers, refuelling aircraft in-flight. They were used in this role in various conflicts including the Falklands and the first Gulf War.

There will be no extra charge to watch the engine run – the museum will be open as normal.

Victor ‘Lusty Linda’ will run her engines for the public on November 25
Victor ‘Lusty Linda’ will run her engines for the public on November 25 YAM