You can buy a real airport terminal!

An airport in Poland is selling a disassembled airport terminal building - and you can buy it

Have you ever wanted your own airport terminal? Well, if you have, then now is your chance because a 3,000 square metre dismantled facility is being sold by a Polish airport.

Airport terminal
The building has been disassembled and can be rebuilt by the same company that dismantled it. Aviox

The steel and glass structure – which is up for sale at an asking price of $700,000 – comes complete with modern electrical, ventilation and air conditioning systems. 

The offered facility was built to act as the passenger terminal building at Łodz Airport in Poland until 2012 when it was then moved nearly 100 miles to another facility in Radom, which is about 65 miles south of Warsaw. 

The interior is a functional and would suit a small airport. Aviox

Aviox, the broker for the sale, says the company that made the disassembly can rebuild the entire structure again for around $260,000, including the foundation works. If it is starting to sound like it could be out of your price range, wait until you hear the transportation costs. 

The cost of moving the components of the building is approximately $20,000 per 100km. 

Airport temrinal
The building covers just over 3,000 square metres. Aviox

The broker says the building could be used to extend a current airport terminal facility or could even act as a bus or train terminal and a trade show hall. 

The building is aimed at smaller airports as it has a 700,000 annual passenger capacity. 

The broker says the building could be used as a bus or train station and a exhibition centre. Aviox

Despite being out of reach for most avgeeks, this terminal is likely to be perfect for any airport out there looking to expand, that don’t want to spend millions designing and building their own.