Zagreb Professional Out Now

Aerosoft has released Zagreb Professional for Prepar3D version 4.

The capital of Croatia is recreated with all airport buildings and facilities, terminals and the complete military area of LDZA. Details around the airport such as windsocks that react to wind strength, flashing lights, apron traffic, and optional default or SODE animated jetways are faithfully modelled.

Other highlights include rain effect, realistic glass reflections and 3D runway lighting with activation/deactivation based on time of day and weather conditions. All the parking codes, ground markings, navaids, and the taxiway layout is based on recent charts (May 2019). The VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System) at the East apron is fully functional and the package also includes two AFCAD files for pass-through and push-back on the west apron.

The surrounding area is recreated with hand-made rivers, lakes, roads and land class data, covering 4200 km² with dense autogen vegetation and custom buildings such as the TV tower on the Sljeme hill and the ruins of the medieval fortified town of Medvedgrad. It comes with orthophotos at a 30 cm/px resolution and colour matched for all seasons for vegetation, photo background and relevant 3D objects, and snow during the winter season. The package blends seamlessly with both default P3D and Orbx environments. It is fully compatible with the default AI traffic and AI traffic add-ons.


  • Flashing lights on Runway 05 approach, radar antenna, and stop bar lights
  • Moving vehicle traffic on the apron and around the airport
  • Static aircraft and vehicles
  • Optional Dynamic lighting
  • Realistic navigational aids (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS).

Zagreb is available on the Aerosoft online shop for €25.16 (approx. £21/$28).

NOTE: The FSX & P3D V3 versions will be made available in your customer account on December 16, 2019.