Zenith CH701 STOL for MSFS

SimWorks Studios has released the Zenith CH701 STOL for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The aircraft features outstanding STOL performance, excellent visual detail, scenic locations and a bush trip, providing you with the full bush pilot experience.


  • Detailed visual model made from factory drawings
  • Realistic flight model with accurate STOL performance
  • Sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • Detailed cockpit featuring custom instruments
  • Door and no-door variants in four liveries
  • A bush trip through New York state.

Three airports improved with custom objects and ground textures:

  • Lufker (49N)/Spadaro (1N2)
  • Sky Acres (44N)
  • Roxbury Runway (1NK0)

Note: The aircraft makes use of the default GNS530 and GTX330 systems.