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Pacific Projection

Combat Aircraft Journal joins the US Marine Corps’ 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), a force that projects a big presence in Asia-Pacific.

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Troubled times in the Special Administrative Region

Gordon Arthur examines the forces of the Hong Kong Garrison...

South Korea unveils its KF-X mock-up

NEARLY FOUR YEARS after South Korea’s KF-X project officially kicked off, a mock-up of the new fighter was unveiled at Seoul ADEX 2019, which was held from October 15-20.

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Live-fire exercise for Korean AH-64Es

Gordon Arthur REPUBLIC OF Korea Army (ROKA) AH-64Es demonstrated...

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New Surion Appears at Seoul Show

The new KUH-1 Surion for the South Korean Marine Corps was shown...

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Marine Corps Surion debuts at ADEX

Asia Pacific Gordon Arthur KOREA AEROSPACE Industries (KAI)...

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AERO INDIA 2017: Indian fighter requirement takes shape

Headlines The Tejas has been rejected by the Indian Navy for...

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ERJ-145 AEW handed over

The IAF received KW3556 (ex PT-ZND), the first of its three Embraer...

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Indian Hawk developments

As denoted by the tail markings, the Hawk-i is the 100th Hawk...