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Kuwait Air Force finally equips itself with the Eurofighter Typhoon

With the delivery of its first two Eurofighters last December, the Kuwait Air Force is finally equipping itself with the most advanced multi-role fighter to date. We explore the deal

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Aviano's Angels: Inside the USAF's 56th Rescue Squadron

The 56th Rescue Squadron has spent more than three years at Aviano Air Base in Italy, where the unit has capitalised on the installation's conditions and strategic position, as we report

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T-346A Next Generation Trainer

Riccardo Niccoli joins a mission in the Leonardo T-346A, which is revolutionising fighter pilot training for Italian Air Force and foreign students using a mix of real and ‘virtual’ flying.

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Italy’s transport specialists

The Italian Air Force’s 31° Stormo fulfils a niche transport role...

Tight schedule for Leonardo’s M-345

ITALY LEONARDO’S FLIGHT test programme for its...

Record high: MBDA’s order backlog

ITALY DURING A press conference in Rome in late...

An uncertain future

ITALY Piaggio’s prototype P.1HH Hammerhead. Piaggio...

Fifth-generation TLP

Riccardo Niccoli reports from Amendola Air Base, Italy, on the...

Complex aviation

MILITARY CAEX 2018 Riccardo Niccoli reports from the Italian...

Italy, the F-35, and the United States

ITALY Italian built, Italian operated, F-35A MM7359/32-09...