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Aeroplane meets... Andrew Panton

When Fred and Harold Panton sought to honour their brother, killed while serving with Bomber Command, their ambitions were limited. But from that came the acquisition of Lancaster NX611, the establishment of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, and one of the greatest stories of British aircraft preservation. Fred’s grandson Andrew now has this considerable legacy in his hands

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Carden-Baynes Bee: the complete story

As it turned out, a pusher twin using modified car engines, with its undercarriage almost entirely within the fuselage and a wing that rotated for storage, wasn’t a viable light aeroplane — but there was method in the Baynes Bee’s apparent madness

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The amazing story of Lancaster Just Jane’s flight from Australia to the UK

Nobody told the Historic Aircraft Preservation Society it couldn’t have a Lancaster flown back to the UK from Australia, and operate it in private hands — so, it did. It left an outstanding legacy, for the ‘Lanc’ now known as Just Jane

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Stunning restored 'Staggerwing’ returns to the air after 20 years

A beautiful pairing of Beech ‘Staggerwings’ in British skies celebrates thereturn of a long-lost example after nearly 40 years away from the scene.

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Aeroplane meets… Doug Rozendaal

It’s not just flying different aircraft that means a lot to this top US warbird pilot, but the people involved, too

The day a Sea Harrier landed in Birmingham

A memorable moment in BBC television history

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How did the BBC's cameras first take to the air?

Unlike the Blue Peter elephant or the first episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, Operation ‘Pegasus’ didn’t make it into the BBC’s recent choice of highlights from its 100 years. But it was a significant event in its history — the first time its cameras broadcast live from the skies

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Inside the RAF's secret U-2 detachment

The recently declassified reports from Project ‘Oldster’, the RAF element of the CIA’s U-2 programme, reveal more detail on life with the Turkey-based detachment than has ever been public before

Military medal awarded to Polish Heritage Flight project members

Silver Medal of the Polish Army presented at London embassy

Another award for Waterbird team

Vintage Aircraft Club accolade adds to Lakes Flying Company’s list of gongs