Matthew Willis

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Carrier jets over Korea

When war broke out on the Korean peninsula in 1950, involving the nascent United Nations, carrier aviation with jets had barely begun. In a new special magazine called ‘Carrier Aircraft of the Classic Jet Era’ from Key Publishing, Matthew Willis explains in this article how despite all the limitations of early jets, and the challenges brought by revolutionary swept-wing fighters, the jet-powered naval aircraft soon proved their worth.

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Hitler's wings: how the Fw 200 Condor became the Führer's favoured transport

When high-ranking Nazis needed air transport during the war years, it was to a selection of Fw 200s that they turned

Taranto - A turning point for naval aviation

Until 1940, the debate continued to rage over the true power of the carrier aircraft. That November, 21 dated biplanes proved the point. This article is taken from a new special magazine from Key Publishing called 'Carrier Aircraft of the Propeller Era'

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Fairey Hendon: the RAF's first monoplane bomber in depth

Matthew Willis, an enthusiast of all things Fairey, delves into the history of the RAF’s first monoplane bomber

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Could the Rolls-Royce Griffon have powered the Hawker Typhoon?

The Griffon might have been the answer to Hawker’s powerplant prayers. Despite plans for an installation on the Typhoon and Tempest, only briefly did it take flight in one of these illustrious airframes

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Unsung Heroes: Naval pilots in the Battle of Britain

How Royal Navy aircraft and pilots contributed to the successful defence of Britain during 1940

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The real story of how the Merlin came to power the Mustang

The Mustang and the Merlin. So right did the combination prove that they are now synonymous. But it was by no means always certain it would produce the long-range escort fighter which proved so influential in the European theatre. What was the reality behind the legend?

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British aviation 1972-1982: UK looks to Europe

In the third part of our look at the British aviation industry during Elizabeth II’s reign, we focus on the decade between 1972 and 1982, when the UK looked to Europe as a way of sustaining its aerospace sector 

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British aviation 2012-2022: mastering cutting-edge tech

Concluding a seven-part series, we examine what the picture is like for Britain’s aeronautical sector 70 years into the ‘new Elizabethan’ age

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British aviation 2002-2012: government cuts begin to bite

The penultimate part of our series looking at the British aviation industry during Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign places a spotlight on activities between 2002 and 2012, when government cuts begin to bite