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Guinea Pig Club cover Feature Premium

The Guinea Pig Club - Edward Bishop

Out of sight was often out of mind for a lot of servicemen wounded in the Second World War. Convalescing in military hospitals away from the delicate gazes of the general public, the sight of a badly burned airman would have been a horrible reminder for many that the war was a very real and terrible thing being played out for the highest stakes on their doorsteps…

Reach for the Sky cover Feature Premium

Book review: Reach for the Sky

Whilst there was only one Douglas Bader, there are two public perceptions of the man…

Roger Leivers: Stirling to Essen Feature Premium

Book Review: Stirling to Essen

It was at 4.35am on Saturday April 11, 1942, following an aborted landing at RAF Alconbury when the badly damaged Stirling, ‘G’ for Goblin crashed on the outskirts of Godmanchester…

Richard Hillary - The Last Enemy cover detail Feature Premium

Richard Hillary - The Last Enemy

‘The testament of one of the few.’ So says the cover of The Last Enemy, written by Richard Hillary…

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Ginger Lacey - Fighter Pilot

Anyone with an interest in World War Two aviators will be familiar with Ginger Lacey, less commonly known by his full name, James Harry Lacey who is credited with 18 kills during the Battle of Britain;

Historic aviation quiz: Novel edition

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Captain W.E. Johns: Biggles

What’s in a name? Come on, be honest now, how many of you reading this have been put off from reading any of the works by Captain W.E. Johns because his eponymous hero, Biggles sounds a bit, well, silly?

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