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Those Stratocruiser days… and nights

Flying the British Overseas Airways Corporation’s Boeing Stratocruisers was an experience like no other in the commercial aviation world. For one of BOAC’s distinguished captains, writing in Aeroplane during 1991, the recollections flowed thick and fast

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The hunt for a BOAC airliner that crashed in the Sahara in 1952

Over 70 years ago a BOAC airliner crash-landed, 1,300 miles off course, in the sandy wastes of the Western Sahara. In January 2002, Aeroplane Assistant Editor Tony Harmsworth went to find it

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Handley Page Halton: How BOAC turned a WW2 bomber into an airliner

Created in 1940 as Britain’s new flag carrier, BOAC was forced to improvise as it sought to gain a footing on the world’s post-war air routes. David Ransted explores the fascinating, yet short-lived history of the carrier’s Handley Page H.P. 70 Halton

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British Airways’ 50 years of flying the Boeing 747

Five decades on from Britain’s first order for Boeing 747s, in the September 2016 issue of Aviation News Charles Kennedy looked back at the life and times of the British Airways jumbo fleet.

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BOAC’s turbulent first years flying the Boeing 747

In a 2021 special publication on the Boeing 747 Bob O’Brien detailed how as British Overseas Airways Corporation was one of the early operators of the revolutionary Boeing 747 and with its introduction came some design innovations

Super VC10 G-ASGP comes in to land at Heathrow Airport in July 1978.  BOAC received 17 Super VC10s and 12 standard variants. Ford Feature Premium

BOAC and British Airways VC10s

Stephen Skinner profiles the VC10 in service with BOAC and British Airways.

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The inside story of BOAC’s VC10 proving flights

The March 26, 1964, issue of ‘The Aeroplane and Commercial Aviation News’ provided an insight into the proving flights undertaken by the VC10

Sir Miles Thomas (right) chats with Captain Alderson, under whose able eye all B.O.A.C.'s flight operational development work for the Comet has been done. Capt. Alderson is flanked by Capts. E. E. Rodley (left) and A. R. Majendie (right). Deputy Chairman Whitney Straight is on the left. Feature Premium

BOAC Chairman’s Comet insights

The Chairman of BOAC gave his view from the top on the first jetliner as the Comet entered commercial service in this article he penned for ‘The Aeroplane’s’ May 2, 1952 issue

At Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia, Northward- and Southward-bound Comets were photographed together. Feature Premium

Rare Photos of BOAC Comets in Africa

Prior to the Comet entering service BOAC undertook route familiarization flights in Africa. Depicted are some stunning colour photos from the May 2, 1952 issue of ‘The Aeroplane’

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First impressions of Comet flying

Before the Comet entered service four of ‘The Aeroplane’s’ staff had flown in the jet and gave their thoughts in the May 2, 1952 edition on what this new form of travel was like compared with propeller-driven airliners