Challenging Airports Around the Globe

Challenging Airports, by a real-world pilot Chris Frishmuth, takes a look at some of the most exciting and challenging airports from across the globe.

We have endeavoured to replicate some of the challenging and unique approaches that can set the heart beating that little bit faster. Rarely are airports considered to be ‘dangerous’, but the combination of difficult weather, terrain, aircraft performance challenges, or unusual procedural parameters can combine to ratchet up the risk factor. That’s why many of the airports that we have covered in this series require special aircrew certification and training or at the very least an elevated level of respect, study, and planning to operate to and from that location safely.

The airports in this series have been specially chosen because they provide particular challenges for the pilot. Instruction is then given on how best to fly safely into and out of each location while minimising the risk factors. Due to popular demand, we have selected a number of our ‘Challenging Airports’ articles and compiled them into this special volume. So, whether you’re new to flight simulation or a seasoned veteran, you will find many airports in this volume that will challenge your flying skills.

Challenging Airports

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Challenging Airports - Innsbruck (LOWI)

Stretching across eight countries, the Alps are home to many of our past (and future) Challenging Airports features.

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Challenging Airports - FERNANDO DE NORONHA (SBFN)

The terrain around the airfield can funnel and increase the velocity...

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Challenging Airports - Skiathos (LGSK)

Over the span of our Challenging Airports series, often the airports we’ve looked at are carved out of difficult terrain to allow access to popular tourist destinations. Such is the case with the beautiful Greek isle of Skiathos.

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