Classic jets

Successful year for Spanish Super Saeta

Former Spanish Air Force Hispano Aviación HA-220 Super Saeta is airworthy again after years of restorative work

Alive and ticking - Classic British Jets Collection

The chance to see, hear and feel not one, but two iconic jets running under their own power on a UK airfield doesn’t come along often. However, when FlyPast visited the Classic British Jets Collection for a feature in the February, 2023 issue, that’s precisely what happened…

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Short Sperrin – The Forgotten V Bomber

In 1946, amid escalating tension between East and West, Britain embarked on a programme of nuclear jet bomber development, including the stopgap Short Sperrin, as Pete London explains...

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Flying the world's newest F-86 Sabre

Luigino Caliaro speaks to Classic Fighters of America sponsor Doug Matthews about his Korean War ace-honouring F-86F ‘Beauteous Butch II’ – the world’s newest Sabre!

Historic Aviation Quiz - English Electric Lightning

On par with the Spitfire, Phantom and Vulcan, English Electric’s incredible Lightning is still as popular today as it was half a century ago but how much do you know about it?

Historic Aviation Quiz: de Havilland Vampire

How well do you know the de Havilland Vampire?
Test your knowledge in this week's historic aviation quiz…

How it works: de Havilland Vampire

In the second part of our look at The Vampire Preservation Group's two-seater T.11, owner and operator Mark Hooton takes us on a guided tour around and inside WZ507…

Fangtastic Beast: de Havilland Vampire WZ507

A recent visit to Coventry airport provided an excellent opportunity to get up close with the Vampire Preservation Group's T.II, WZ507…

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Incredible colour photos of pre-1950 British fighter aircraft

The early part of the 20th century saw the birth of the aeroplane and its arrival ushered in a new era of warfare - aerial combat. A new book, British Aviation: The First Half-Century contains over 170 beautifully colourised images of British aircraft produced before 1950. Key.Aero presents a selection of some of our favourite fighter aircraft

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The record breaking North American Sabre

On November 19, 1956 the North American F-86 Sabre set a new world speed record of 698.50mph.