Coastal Command

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Coastal Command - striking the German convoys

RAF Coastal Command’s vital role in winning the Battle of the Atlantic is widely recognised, but what is less well known is its successful campaign against Germany’s heavily defended convoys in the North Sea

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Mosquito strikes in Norwegian waters

Graham Pitchfork describes the attacks of RAF Coastal Command Mosquitos in Norwegian waters during World War Two 

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Coastal Command Bristol Blenheims in World War Two

Blenheims saw considerable service on long-range shipping protection sorties, as Andrew Thomas outlines

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Black Friday: Coastal Command’s biggest defeat?

On 9th February, 1945, Coastal Command suffered its biggest defeat of the entire war

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B-17 at 85: Maritime Hunter

Andrew Thomas outlines the significant role played by Boeing’s B-17 Flying Fortress
in Coastal Command’s battle...