ARV Pitot tube sabotaged with glue.

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A happy outcome to a very nasty situation.

''A pilot averted disaster after discovering in mid-air that his flight instruments had been sabotaged with glue.
North Wales Police confirmed today that they are investigating the 'malicious interference' and have issued a warning to other pilots after the incident at Mona airstrip in Anglesey, North Wales.
Doug Blair, 56, had already taken off in his light aircraft, accompanied by his son, when he realised that the airspeed indicator was not working.''

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It does beg the question though (I'm sorry) but a) could this have been seen with a pre-flight and b) caught during the departure roll?

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So didnt notice that the airspeed was not building on take off:confused:

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Tampering with an aircraft is a federal crime in tne US. In other words, the local cops would turn the case over to the FBI.

How serious is it considered in the UK?

Or would it be seen as youthful vandalism?

If caught and convicted, the perps should spend a long time in the slammer.

It is true that the pilot should have spotted it on the takeoff roll...important checks, full power, p's & t's in the green, and airspeed increasing.

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This would have been a real bitch if they had screwed the stall warner flippy thingy on the wing too. :O

But yes, how didn't the pre-flight walk around or takeoff roll set off alarms??

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Stall warner? What luxury :)


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Buffet you say? What's that? ;)

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Meal set out on table for choosing :D
Seriously, wouldn't you just land?