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Hi every body
I'm new on the forum and i need a little help...
I'just touch an old MK7 GGS gunsight from a Gloster Javelin.
It is complete but in a bad state... I'd really like to restore it but i do not want to go far without any documentation.
Is one of you know where i can find the technical manual of this gunsight ?

Big big thanks :-)


Matt from France

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Great link -Thanks!

Does anyone know if replacement rubber "crashpads" are available for the gunsight ?

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Big big big Thanks VACB !


No problem but I can't take the credit. it's been made available by one of our very own moderators :D

I forgot to add earlier, I have a few spares available i.e. external operating levers etc, but no crash pads I'm afraid. If you are missing anything please PM me and I'll take a look.