Don't take your gun on the plane!

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Or it will cost you £800 and 140 hours community service! :D

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He should consider himself lucky he wasn't given a prison sentence.
Had he remembered the gun as he put his bag on the conveyor belt, he may have been able to organise for it to be stored at the airport until his return. But by letting the bag go through the scanner, you are essentially trying to smuggle a prohibited item onto a passenger plane... which lands you in deep trouble.

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What a clown.

I would have thought that you would have to be very careful taking a vintage handgun anywhere, let alone leaving it in your car at the airport.

He only has himself to blame in my view.

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When the IRA took some barracks out in the UK we went onto full alert and we were live armed, I remember some poor sod having his vehicle searched at the gate, he had an air pistol in the boot, a totally legal item, but the wrong time to have it in his car, I felt sorry for him lying there spread eagled in a puddle freezing his nuts off with an SLR pointing at his nogging as we awaited the Civi plods to take him and have a chat..

Things are different in different places. In south Africa you can transport a firearm but you have to (obviously) check it in at the Police and you have to show them your permit for it. It is then carried in a locked and sealed box in the cargo hold. I once forgot my revolver in my bag and it went through the x ray machine. I was made to go check it in as above and got it back at the other end.

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Barton Simpson!!...more like Homer Simpson.