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Do Indian Harpoons have the target recognition and re-attack capabilities of the Block 1G?

not sure djcross..the version that was to be purchased for the P-8I was the AGM-84L Block II Harpoon..they'd previously ordered the AGM-84L for the IAF's Jaguar IM maritime strike fighters..not sure if this variant has target recognition and re-attack capabilities

Indian P-8Is to have Harpoon II missiles

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Yes but if it did go off randomly it would be a very precise explosion :)

This has been in the pipeline since Libya, so the news report represents some progress from a position of "It looks good and we are thinking about whether it could work for us."

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If they have the money they'll be getting it. I don't think there is much resistance to not acquiring it, its a matter of funding it and when ;)

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Falcon self destruct