Durham's Chief Constable on Personal Responsibility

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After three Durham University students drown in the river Wear in fourteen months Durham's Chief Constable has refused to increase Police patrols.

Chief Constable Mike Barton said it was 'ludicrous' for officers to be put on riverbanks to stop 'bright young things falling in.'

He said 'one thing connected these three young men who died in the river and that was they were so paralytically drunk they were not in control of their bodies.'


I have to say I'm inclined to agree with him.

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It's called taking responsibility for your actions. I saw a comment elsewhere which took the same view.

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I have mixed views about the attitude presented by the Chief Constable, which seems rather like a case of trying to wash his hands of the sad loss of three young lives.

Yes there is a need for the students to take responsibility but the police should perhaps do more. After all the same police force introduced a large evening / night time pedestrian area into the city (not near the river which is at a lower level, accessed by lots of steps), over an extended period of time in the run up to Christmas to help manage night-time drinking related incidents – but this was only after the University term had ended and the vast majority of students were already heading home! :confused:

Having walked along the riverside area several times in the last year or so, I can also see how it can be viewed as dangerous in some locations.

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I have to say I'm inclined to agree with him.

Too true, do they expect the police to hold their hands ?