Nice video on an important subject

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Just thought I'd link to a non-confrontational video about road safety.

As a rider of a bicycle since I was was knee high to a gnat this is close to my heart.

Oh, and before anyone says anything I'll answer a few questions:
Yes,I am insured on my bike (so are most adults and children for third party claims through their house insurance-look it up)
Yes I pay 'road tax' - for my car
No, I don't jump red lights.
No, I don't ride on the pavement.
Yes, I do take the primary position when intending to turn right-it is the safe thing to do
Yes, I always have lights on my bike when cycling in anywhere near darkness

I know not all people do, and cyclists in general have a very press, however as Chris Boardman says, all cyclists are people too ( yes really), someone's son/daughter/brother/sister/father/mother etc.

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And mine too. Excellent video.

I hope and believe that, when a motorist, I show consideration to cyclists because I am a cyclist. I could only wish that some cyclists showed a similar awareness of motorists. We all share the roadway and cyclists riding two abreast on narrow roadways or uphill display the same lack of consideration applied to some motorists.

Just be aware! Cyclists and motorists. It's not difficult.:)

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My wife and I cycle nearly every day. My immediate locality wherein are the shops, post office, banks etc. is quite tiny and invites the use of bikes rather than a car.

The roads are narrow and we ride on the pavement dismounting when seeing a walker. The roads are simply too dangerous. I've been spat at, had a can of some liquid or another, thrown from a car window and frequently get a tirade of indecipherable shouting and swearing. Cars accelerating to overtake and then almost immediately turn left right in front of me, is a daily occurrence.

Hassling cyclists will cease to be a sport when, as in the Netherlands, we separate bikes from other traffic - totally.