Brazilian Air Force receives the first modernized P-95

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The link below provides exclusive pictures taken this morning and a report related to FAB 7103 (c/n 110488), the first modernized P-95 delivered to the Brazilian Air Force and assigned to the Second Squadron of the Eighth Aviation Group, based in Florianópolis Air Force Base / SC. A total of eight P-95 will be modernized (four to Florianopolis and four for Belém / PA). Changes include a new radar and new navigation systems, sensors and digital cockpit. I count on your visit. Very soon I hope to bring more detailed pictures of the aircraft and a full report. Stay tuned!

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Selex Seaspray 5000E AESA radar, isn't it?

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Selex Seaspray 5000E AESA radar, isn't it?

That´s right.

And new avionics: