Our Penny.

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Hi All,

Well the new year has started rather badly for us in Leamington our beautiful family member 'PENNY' passed away (Sunday 3/01 12p.m.) a few months before her 13th B'day. After trying everything to keep her going we had to make the heart-breaking decision to let her go to sleep as she was very poorly after taking the vets advice, even though I hated doing it we had just been grasping at straws putting off what we new was the inevitable.

Penny was at her home with my daughter by her side while the wife and I observed, after one last pet and asking for her forgiveness the vet sent her for one last sleep. I don't mind admitting I cried like a baby along with my wife and daughter it was the most traumatic event I have witnessed since owning pets as the others were taken to the vets for their last sleep. The consoling fact is she passed peacefully with her Family at home like any family member.

We had Penny from a local NCDL rescue centre at six months old, she has and will always be loved by the three of here her family, she will never be forgotten. It is the gaping hole that is now left with her passing that is hard to comprehend, she has always been there and now nothing. I thought losing Fluffy last April our house cat affected me bad but this has risen the grief to a whole new unimagined level, I suppose writing this is one way of coping with that grief everybody is different in how they cope with loss and grief I just feel so empty now she has gone but I am being strong for my wife and daughter so I hope it will ease with time and I will remember as a happy family member who made our lives so worthwhile.

RIP Penny old girl.


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Heartrending Geoff. Many on here will sympathise.

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Sorry to hear of your loss. It hits hard when you have to say goodbye to a much loved pet. Been there too many times myself. Lovely pic by the way.

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A rotten start to the year. You truly do have my sympathy.


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Goeff. Penny will obviously have left a massive hole in your lives and the pain of losing a beloved dog is almost unbearable, but I hope you are comforted by the fact that he lived life to the full right until the end and he didn't have to suffer any debilitating illnesses or a gradual decline into old age. He was obviously truly loved and well cared for and he was with the people he loved most when he passed over. For him, it's not a bad way to go. It's you who have to cope with your devastating loss. Hope you can take comfort from all those wonderful memories. I lost my faithful Bouvier 10 years ago and still have not gotten over it. He was rather large dog at 108lbs and a total comedian. The house was in reality empty in so many ways. Getting another dog did help, but now I will be faced with the inevitable all over again in a couple of years. My sympathies, Barry

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Geoff. I am very upset to here this gut wrenching,heartbreaking news. I have been through all the emotions you feel since we lost Becky our beloved cat in October. All I can say is the pain will ease with time and you will remember the good times with Penny not the end. This may sound stupid to non animal lovers but I talk to her in my head a lot and put my hand on her favourite resting places and wish things could have not happened. Let your grief out don't bottle it up. Cry with your family they will not think any less of you for that.
I am in floods of tears now thinking of your pain and reliving mine. Again this pain will subside but it not a short process but it shows just how much you loved Penny.


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I'm so sorry for your loss.

We lost Douglas (see above) a year ago, with Shirley Bassey and Wilbur before that, so I know how you feel.

After Douglas passed away my wife said "No dogs for a year...if ever". But within a couple of months it was just too quiet in the house.
But I contacted his kennel and 120 days later we got Coaster, a 3 year old retired show champion, who happens to be Douglas' great, great-grand nephew.
Our life is now back in balance. Dogs have no idea what they do for us and don't ask for much in return. There are plenty of great dogs out there, I hope you can open your heart to giving one a good home.

Hang in there...

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Hi All,
Wow! you are all passionate pet lovers and you have eased our pain with sharing your own past grief you felt at the time of your losses. It's such a shame really as when Penny passed we and I in particular was coming around to the idea of rehoming another couple of rescue cat's. All my pain that Fluffy,Pierce and Po gave us all flooded back, especially with our cat Fluffy nine months ago has resurfaced, as she was a house cat was there in the morning and even came upstairs every now and then at bedtime. But like already mentioned it's the emptiness that is hard to deal with.

Yes it's starting to heal very slowly but all the support on here and on another forum has most definitely help us cope with our loss, it's especially hard for myself as Penny was my 1st ever pet in my life, the wife had dog many years ago before she met me and our daughter hasn't known a house without a pet of some description of her own.

Like I say with all your support it has helped so many thanks to all who have offered their support and sympathy.

Thank you all,
Geff,Sue and Amy.

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Oooh no Geoff, I am so sorry for your loss, but you have to remember, before she came into your lives she didn't have one as such, so rejoice in the thoughts that you gave her love, kindness and understanding and she returned it. Without your family making room for another member, she may never of had that love and affection, you all gave her that and she will always remember that wherever she is now...

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Sorry to read this buddy, i know the feeling all too well, i had to put my dog to sleep 2 years ago due to an abundance of tumours, which started as 1 and turned into about 50, he wasnt an old pooch either, i had to hold him as we put him to sleep as he was still full of energy yet suffering, not eating etc, i cried like a baby and didnt want to let go of him at all, and im not one for crying in front of the opposite organs, my mum couldnt bare to be without a dog so we ended up getting a chocolate lab the same week, we called him aero, however satan is a more apt name ( a brand new cooker, kitchen floor, Carpet and walls of the cement variety as evidence for this )



losing pets really does hurt :(

thoughts are with you and the family


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Very sorry to hear Geoff.....Penny looks lovely and it's always sad to lose a much loved pet who brings so much pleasure and comfort....humans could learn a lot from them!

She had a good innings for a dog and at least she's not suffering.....in time I am sure you'll get another rescue dog.

Best wishes,