Plane crash-lands at Dubai airport

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Good evacuation. One can see how thick the smoke is .... the smoke alone can kill, as happened at Manchester.

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One fire fighter has lost his life. Thanks for your courage.

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RIP Brave Man,just apity passengers you were trying to save behaved like this

Those with a brain leave their bags behind rather than risk their own and other people's lives while they delay the evac to collect things from the overheads, create trip hazards and hurl heavy bags down slides in case someone needs injuring that way.

Those with even larger brains keep items such as passports, phones and wallets about their person so there is no need for decision and/or delay in the event of an evac.

From pprune

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No speculation but from the URL news reports above there are some anomalies.

One passenger has reported smoke in the cabin !!! when coming in to land.

Garbled reporting about request by ATC to "Go Around" and a mystery as to what's happened to the undercarriage.????