PIX/VIDS: Leningrad 27nov2018: Su-27 to museum by Mi-26. Not another Spitfire thread

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Pictures ?


A Mi-26 with pilots from the western military district has transported a 15-ton Su-27 cell
as external cargo to the island of Kronstadt in Saint Petersburg.

The crew of the helicopter returned approximately 60 kilometers from the Pushkin airfield (south of Saint Petersburg)
to the historical military park of the Western Military District along
a special route selected according to safety requirements.


MIL-OSI Russian Federation: In St. Petersburg,
ZVO pilots conducted a unique operation to transport the Su-27 fighter on the external suspension of the Mi-26 helicopter

The pilots of the aviation regiment stationed in St. Petersburg conducted a unique operation
to transport the Su-27 fighter on the external suspension of the Mi-26 helicopter.

Having departed from the Levashovo airfield,
the crew of the Mi-26 helicopter took a fifteen-ton Su-27 fighter jet, located at the Pushkin airfield,
and took the plane to Kronstadt in the military historical park of the Western Military District.

The crew traveled about 60 km along a special route designed in accordance with safety requirements.

Transportation of non-standard cargo on the external load is one of the most difficult tasks
for crews of heavy transport helicopters Mi-26,
which are regularly worked out during training flights.
The maximum payload of the Mi-26 is 20 tons,
the on-board video cameras allow the crew to monitor the condition of the transported cargo.




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Many thanks for posting not another Spitfire thread! Interesting story too :)

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Interesting - thanks for posting :)

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Always interesting to see Russian aviation here -thanks.

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As others have said, quite interesting - I bet that they didn't insert a 'drop clause' into the negotiations for the lift!