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Back in February 2003 a Antonov An-2 RA-02974 was flown into Winthorpe for temporary loan, and kept in airworthy condition.
It was eventually sold in the USA, but how long was it on display at the museum, and did it fly out of Winthorpe and to where.

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RA-02974 arrived at Newark on 19 February 2003, after I was involved in arranging its temporary loan, it is my understanding that the regulations surrounding the flight status of all UK AN-2 aircraft altered shortly after.

NAM never maintained the aircraft in an airworthy condition; albeit it was ground run at Cockpit-Fest 2003, with an unanticipated effect on some Aeroboot stalls! :o

The aircraft was then sold by its owner; it was dismantled, loaded into shipping containers and departed Newark for the USA on 3 December 2003. I hope this helps!