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Anyone noticed this? I don’t expect everything for free, however, compared with a few months ago, these seem to have increased massively, and for articles that I would have said weren’t exactly PREMIUM.  Money? I’ll consider my relationship with this website.

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I'm so happy to be a part of this event. Learned a lot from the most influential people and brightest minds within the community as well as countless opportunities for networking, code sprints, and informal conversations.

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I've noticed also that most online articles are now 'premium', ie no longer accessible if you have an 'ordinary' magazine subscription.

Additionally, the magazine edition(s) are no longer available as PDF. I agree that you can't expect it all to be for free. But at least I would have wanted this month's edition of the mag of my subscription (CA) to be available as PDF...

This has made me decide to no longer renew my printed mag subscription. As much as I like the hands on experience of a printed magazine, I may take a premium account instead. It should give me access to both CA and AFM as a PDF download, for less ££ (or in fact €€ as I live on the continent). As I've got more disk space than shelf space, I gain more than I lose!


Edit: on the FAQ page, it still says that as a magazine subscriber, you can access most articles.

From :

I'm a subscriber to FlyPast, Aeroplane Magazine, AirForces Monthly, Combat Aircraft, Airports of the World, Airliner World or PC Pilot. Can I access Key.Aero?

Great news! You can access all content relevant to your subscription straight away by registering here using your email address and customer ID. So if you're a FlyPast subscriber, you can access all 'Historic' content; an AirForces Monthly subscriber will be able to access all 'Military' and so on.


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Very disappointed in finding that premium online articles are no more available to printed magazines subscribers.

At least the pdf version of my AFM subscription could remain accessible. Other magazines do this.

I still prefer paper but digital version is useful in case an issue is lost in mail delivery.

Subscriber since 1999, recently renewed for 2 years.

Very, very disappointed.