05 January 2024 Australia: Geoff Goodall died after a short illness....

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...various sources report the sad news of the passing of Geoff Goodall this 05 January 2024... 

Passing of Geoff Goodall - PPRuNe Forums 

This is / was his website: GEOFF GOODALL'S AVIATION HISTORY SITE . 


GEOFF GOODALL'S AVIATION HISTORY SITE chronicles his Air Traffic Control days. Quite an enjoyable read...

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Very sad to hear the news of Geoff’s death. I found his research exemplary and his correspondence by email a joyful learning experience. 

RIP mate.

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Hi All,

 I used his site ore than a few times when searching the web, RIP Sir and thank you..


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This is / was his website: GEOFF GOODALL'S AVIATION HISTORY SITE . 

Please be assured that it still is Geoff's website and will remain so indefinitely. It has been agreed that the content will be frozen as none of Geoff's fellow historians has the capacity to update the site as Geoff would have wished. We could never keep up with him!

In extremis, the website is archived by the National Library of Australia:


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I'm afraid to say I had never heard of Geoff until seeing this post. Having spent 3 hours going throu' the data on his website I'm very impressed with the detail within. Pleased to hear it will be archived for ever.

RIP Geoff.

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The tributes page invites you to leave a message on on of four Forums, including this one.

I have read outstanding body of work will remain untouched, but I think that is a shame.

His online warbird directory is The 'go-to'  site for the most accurate and extensive info, and it will be a great shame if it gradually ceases to be a contemporary resource.  I believe it would be a better tribute to Geoff, to continue his legacy, and not just allow it to fade away.