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I'll hopefully be getting a whole new PC outfit soon, and was wondering which flight sims you lot can recommend.

I've got the following:

Combat Flight Simulator
Attack Squadron
Fighter Ace v.3.5
Red Baron 3D
Fighter Squadron
Flying Corps
Battle of Britain (NOT Rowan's)
Luftwaffe Commander, and
Airfix Dogfighter.

I've been keen to try out Il-2 for some time, but my current piece of crap wouldn't be able to handle it.

So, any recommendations will be looked into fully! :)

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Il-2 Sturmovik - Forgotten Battles and Lock On ("Fly The Best Modern Jet Fighters") are currently £19.99 or two for £30 at Virgin.
I know this since I bought Il-2 and am still trying to work out how to drop the bombs whilst not using a four button mouse or joystick...


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Flood got it square on, those two are by far the best flight sims out.

Just thjink about battle of britain due in Q4 2005, that is going to be mind blowing :)

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I've got the following :

FS 2002 Professional
FS 2004
Lock On
IL-2 Forgotten Battles AEP
Combat Filght Simulator
Combat Flight Simulator 3

But I don't like very much Combat Flight Simulator 3. The others are quite good ;)
But be careful, Lock On requests a very high system ;)

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IL2 FB -- including AEP if you want to try you hand at online gaming.

Lockon -- for the modern stuff

FS2004 -- for less violent trips and the associated sea of brilliant addons

Battlefield 1942 -- not a true flight sim, but great fun

Combat Flight sim 3 -- if you get bored of IL2 (as if)

Secret Weapons over Normandy -- for some light hearted hollywood inspired action

Pacific fighters should be out soon, Fair strike for some rotary combat although I haven't looked at this for some time.