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Airline - British Airways
Plane Type - Boeing 747-436
Flight number - BA207
From - LHR
To - MIA

My family and i were all set to go to LHR for our BA flight to MIA.

We arrived at T3 at 7:30am for flight BA207. We got to the check in que but then we were told by two security guards to get out so that they could do a random check on our bags, so we did that and they found nothing. We checked in and we were told that we were boarding from gate 32.

We waited for ages to board and it was so boring as we werent allowed to go into any lounged due to my dad having an argument with BA.

After along time of waiting we went to the gate, i took a few pictures out of the terminal windows and then we joined the que onto the plane.

The aircraft was ment to be a 9 year old 747 but they had to change the aircraft so we ended up with an older one.

We were sitting in the middle seats so i didnt get near any windows :(. A short while after boarding the pilot introduced himself and told us about the route and the weather.

Half an hour later we still hadnt pushed back. The pilot told us that this was because there was an accident involving a baggage handler and a pallet that was being loaded into the hold, the pallet had hit his head resolting in him becoming unconcious. But 10 minutes later we began push back and we were shown a saftey video. We reached the runway (27L) and took off 1 hour late.

We headed to Bristol and flew under the south of Ireland. We were a that time at 34,000ft and satyed at that altitude for about 5 hours and then climed to 38,000ft.

Nine and a half hours later we began our desent into MIA. The pilot told us that there were a few thunderstorms around but we were trying to avoid them.

When on aproch we flew right over the city of Miami and had a smooth tough down on the runway. Even though we were going fast we didnt use any thrust rev's.

After landing we exited the runway and had a very short taxi to the gate.

The marks for the flight with BA are:

on time - 7/10

entertainment - 9/10

service - 10/10

Thanks for reading

Bigjet :)

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Good report. Hope the baggage handler is going to be alright and that you have a good time in Florida.

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Good report Will.

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Good report.

But I find the bad mark for ontime performance is a little harsh. You boarded on time didn't you?

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i supose your right ill change it

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I find it very strange that BA operate the LHR-MIA flts from T3 when all other flights operate from T1/T4??

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BA are very dominant at T4. By moving some services to other terminals, they are still dominant at T4 but they increase their presence at the others.

I believe the management of the terminals is partly controlled by an "airline council" consisting of the carriers using that terminal. By having a greater voice in T3, BA can try to move things in their direction.

Just a hunch, but I guess that when T5 is ready BA will abandon T4. They will move a lot to T5, but also T3.