BMI Baby at London heathrow

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Simply put, all bmi are doing is offering their cheapest fares under the "baby" branding even though the flights will still be operated by bmi-mainline. This may be a clever move on their part if they are determined to appeal to the masses and compete against the low-fare operators (rather than BA), as a significant body of public opinion still believes BA and bmi are high fare, and the likes of EasyJet and bmibaby are low-fare. By rebranding bmi's cheapest fares, they may effectively get them noticed by far more casual travellers.

Even though the passengers who book baby will be travelling on bmi on these routes, they won't get FF miles, they won't get through check-in, they won't be able to use lounges, etc. although those benefits will be retained by those who book through bmi, pay higher fares and travel on the same airplanes.

Of course, the danger is that they end up diluting the bmi brand so much that the entire operation becomes regarded as baby / low-fare and all the premium traffic goes to BA. Or maybe that's what they want an excuse to do anyway, and this is a way of breaking it to their loyaly higher-paying customers.